Cheri Petroni

Founder, Holistic Healer, and Holistic Skin Therapist

Cheri’s entrepreneurial journey began with the opening of a single treatment room of her own in 2006. Within 5 years, she became ill due to toxic ingredients in skin care products. She was confronted with a tough choice: change everything about her business or give up on her dream. She began to learn everything she could about toxic-free living so she could incorporate it into her lifestyle and her business.

Before long, Cheri realized how important toxic-free living was to her and expanded her business into a full-service holistic spa. Oasis to Zen Transformation Spa was born, where Cheri and her staff offer mind, body, spirit selfcare in an intimate, toxic-free space. Since then, this Zen atmosphere has transformed, offering holistic services in esthetics, massage, energy treatments, and many unique selfcare programs.

Oasis to Zen offers holistic classes and workshops, advanced skin, body, and energy services to uplift and balance, as well as personalized wellness programs to support stress-free living in today’s busy lifestyle.

Cheri’s unique gift is to synergistically blend a variety of holistic modalities, creating opportunities for each client to create their own unique brand of wellness. We even offer many of our services virtually! Whether your choice is to work with us online or in person, our services, workshops and advanced programs will support you in looking and feeling healthy, beautiful, and whole. Together we will transform your beacon of light into the glow of total wellness for all to see.