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At Oasis to Zen, we know you want an intimate holistic spa, located off the Las Vegas strip that provides quiet transformation spa services, leaving you feeling renewed and restored, from the inside out.

We know how stressful it can be trying to find an honest holistic transformation spa and wellness center you trust and feel confident visiting.

Oasis to Zen’s Transformation Spa’s promise leaves you renewed and restored from the inside out through luxurious self care spa treatments and inner care mentor-ship.

Our team offers holistic advanced skin and body treatments, full service waxing, as well as wellness coaching and workshops. What makes us unique and special, however, is that we offer services that work synergistically by combining the traditional luxury spa experience with holistic healing modalities to promote “whole body” wellness and beauty. We also provide ongoing support with workshops and group classes, for your own personalized lasting transformation.

We created our own signature services and packages to provide this transformation, which not only provides traditional spa results, but go beyond that to provide results that reflect that soul beauty and inner radiance that is created by addressing the entire body’s needs at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

We use only world-class Young Living Seed to Seal Premium quality essential oils and cutting-edge, luxurious, holistic, anti-aging face and body products. If we can’t find something that meets our standards, we will create it ourselves with high quality, organic, non GMO ingredients.

Our unique team of highly trained practitioners are licensed and certified in a wide array of specialized modalities, including Licensed Holistic Aestheticians, Certified Reiki Masters, Licensed Spiritual Healers, and Licensed Massage Therapists who specialize in both traditional and holistic massage modalities.

Our training goes beyond our licensing, however, and include certification in emotional release techniques, essential oils and aromatherapy, crystal grids and stone therapy, vibrational sound, light, and color therapy, and our unique specialty certifications as Raindrop Technique, Vibrational Raindrop Technique and Raindrop Harmonics Specialists. Our team can create original services and packages because of our highly specialized training.

As you can see, whether you stop in for a group meditation, or receive a facial, Reiki treatment, massage session, or customized Spa Retreat, our goal is to support you in becoming healthy, fit, and radiant through a holistic approach and personalized, full-body self-care. We listen to what YOU want from your appointment, and will customize every visit to make sure your desires are fulfilled.

Our Team

To check out what our clients are saying click the button and read some testimonials from past and current clients about their experience at Oasis…

Cheri Petroni

Cheri’s entrepreneurial journey began with the opening of a single treatment room of her own in 2006. Within 5 years, she became ill due to toxic ingredients in skin care products...

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Alethea Shelton

Alethea began her career as a massage therapist in February 2000. She grew up in Southwest Virginia and was raised in a metaphysical household, taught to be open to all sorts of new age beliefs as well listening to spirit...

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Roxie Lasike

Being able to help and heal others has always been Roxie’s passion. As a massage therapist, she helps others by providing an invaluable service to people who are in pain, recovering from injuries, or experi...

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Kathy Vanderlinden

Kathy loves the butterfly because it represents transformation that we all want to see in our lives. Many times, we want to see it in our skin. Acne skin becoming clear, aging skin looking more youthful...

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Pamela Sando

Pamela was one of the first to received her esthetician license in the state of Nevada, and is known as "The Body Gal to the Stars" for over 30 years. She owned her own spa in Lake Tahoe and spent decades traveling...

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Katrina Ugarte

Katrina Ugarte is a 2007 graduate of Northwest Health Careers, practicing massage therapy for 15 years in Las Vegas, NV. Her specialties include, Medical massage, Sports Therapy and Therapeutic massage...

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