Alethea Shelton

Licensed Massage Therapist NV.2612

Alethea began her career as a massage therapist in February 2000.  She grew up in Southwest Virginia and was raised in a metaphysical household, taught to be open to all sorts of new age beliefs as well listening to spirit.  After receiving regular bodywork following a traumatic car accident when she was 17, she fell in love with massage and knew the importance of offering it to the world.  She loved the idea of jumping into many aspects of it, including spiritually healing work. Since then, she has continued to expand in many different modalities and offerings, including Ashiatsu,  Thai massage, meditation, energy work and sound healing.  In addition to that, Alethea also co-owns and performs in an acrobatic horse show, Gladius the Show and works with their 20 horses here in Las Vegas. She loves splitting her time between the healing aspects of both humans and horses and sharing those gifts with the world.