Energy Infused Wellness

Reiki Energy and Chakra Balance Session

Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive healing modality that effectively reduces stress, tension, anxiety, and mental chatter. “Reiki” is an ancient Japanese healing modality that harmonizes and balances the flow of energy in the body, which brings healing and harmony to the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. The chakras also get a “soul tune up” as these internal systems are restored to maximum efficiency. Essential oils, crystals, sound therapy, and acupressure may be used to facilitate the healing process. You will leave feeling blissfully balanced.

  • Introductory Reiki Session: $55
  • 60 minutes: $89
  • 90 minutes: $119
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Distance Reiki Sessions

Reiki sessions can be done at a distance with client’s permission to enter the energy field, which allows universal energy to be funneled through the practitioner to the client. The client can be resting, working, or sleeping during the session. Reiki is powerful and effective, traveling through space to balance the chakras of the body with the energy of the universe. Taking exactly what it needs, the body can heal itself.

  • Weekly (4-5 Sessions): $49 per month
  • Semi-Monthly (2-3 Sessions): $29 per month
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Past Life Regression

You are guided into a relaxed but present state to bring about knowledge and awareness of past life experiences. This may serve you in the present as a guide to increase your understanding of this life, and to improve your current life experience for higher consciousness. Finding clarity by exploring the past. I suggest a minimum of three sessions of exploration of a past life to get the full picture.

  • 90 minutes: $119
  • Package of 3 Sessions: $303 
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Clear Beliefs Sessions/Coaching

Do you struggle with challenges that, no matter how many times you attempt to resolve them, are still present? Free yourself from subconscious blocks that keep you stuck in the problem with this simple solution. Our signature session is offered as a single session, available in packages, with a Clear Beliefs Coaching Program, which is recommended for lasting transformation.

A Clear Beliefs Consultation is recommended so you may choose your best option for this deeper work.

  • 90 to 120 minutes: $250 
  • Package of 3: $675
  • Package of 6: $1200
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Ear Candling

The holistic art of coning has been used for centuries to safely cleanse the ear of impurities, as well as help with allergies, hearing, and balance. This service comes with a pressure point massage at the base of the skull to assist in the energetic release of impurities and blockages.

  • 1 Candle per Ear: $40
  • 2 Candles per Ear: $55
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The Raindrop Technique® Advanced Body Treatment

This body treatment powerfully combines the holistic modalities of aromatherapy, Vita Flex®, and massage techniques to synergistically balance and align the body in a non-invasive manner. Working on the feet and spine, every organ, muscle and bone of the body is stimulated at the cellular level by organic plant oils. These oils boost the immune system and bring the body into structural and electrical harmony. You will experience the immediate shifts that can occur with ease after just one session! This

  • 60 min: $149*
  • 90 min: $169*

*Includes use of Seed to Seal® premium essential oils and pre- and post-phone consultation.

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Vibrational Raindrop Technique® Advanced Body Treatment

Experience the power of The Raindrop Technique® coupled with the high vibration benefits of tuning forks. This energy enhanced session powerfully combines raindrop with powerful healing frequencies of tuning forks. Benefits come from being in the uplifting and peaceful environment created by the oils, and is enhanced to a deeper level with the assistance of vibrational energy that matches the body’s own frequency. Immediate shifts can occur with ease after just one session!

This treatment (VRT) may be customized. Please indicate upon booking if you are interested in traditional VRT or wish to address one of the following wellness areas: Brain System, Colon/Digestion, Circulatory/Heart, Hormone Balance, Joints & Bones, Liver, Longevity and Wellness, Lungs/Respiratory system.

  • 60 min: $159*
  • 90 min: $179*

*Includes the use of Seed to Seal® premium essential oils and pre- and post-phone consultation.

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