Events Offered at Oasis to Zen

Group Meditations

Group Guided Meditation: led by Cheri or a staff member, meditations that heal and recharge the soul, or honor timely events such as the full moon and other seasonal rituals. Topics will evolve and vary. 

Crystal Bowl Sound Healing: Cheri begins with a short, relaxing meditation, followed by a crystal bowl serenade for inner healing, balance, and harmony

Gentle Emotional Clearing Meditation: Cheri leads you through the chakras step-by-step, using specially charged stones to tap into buried, emotional “stuff”, and releasing this “stuff” for a renewed perspective on life

Past Life Regression Meditation: A scripted meditation where Cheri leads you to a special sanctuary, a place to uncover and discover information that may answer questions, help clarify, or bring purpose to this lifetime.


Reiki Energy Classes

Reiki Energy Share Monthly Meditation: Held the third Thursday of every month, this guided meditation brings the group into a relaxed state, while Reiki practitioners share healing Reiki energy with each participant

Reiki 1: Beginning Reiki where you will learn the “How & Why” of Reiki, as well as how to work on yourself, friends, and family

Reiki 2: For those who are wanting to learn more about reiki. You can perform Reiki as a practitioner after taking this course

Advanced Reiki Mastery: Advanced Reiki tools and treatments, as well as the ability to teach Reiki and give attunements


Holistic Wellness

Ear Candling: How to perform ear candling safely and effectively

Crystal Classes: We explore crystals and their magic with beginning crystals topics, creating elixirs, and balancing the chakras

Sage and Smudging: Exploring sage and other smudges, when to use them, and how to use them to clear yourself or your home. An interactive class that can get a bit smoky.

Chakras: Classes exploring what chakras are, how they affect your health and wellness, and the many ways we can keep the, in harmony for optimal health.


Holistic Spa

A Day of Zen 20/20 Event: This is our quarterly open house, where we offer a variety of 20 min. sessions, each for only $20. Schedule one or more services and give yourself some selfcare while relaxing in our zen space.

Holistic DIY Workshops: A variety of classes using household ingredients and holistic products like essential oils, where we share how easy and cost effective it is to create your own products, while creating that product for you to try at home.

Embracing Toxic-free Skin: Tips and tricks for your skin to keep the toxins away, turning back time for ageless and radiant skin. Can be DIY or informational in nature.

Girls’Night Out: Or day, whenever you and your girls need an hour or two of group “Me Time”, this private event is the perfect pick me up. Customized for each group with a choice of mini spa sessions and time to mingle.