Virtual Appointments

Virtual Appointments Offered Online at Oasis to Zen

We offer the following spa appointments virtually as well as in-person for your convenience. Prices are the same for either option, and are an effective choice for anyone unable to attend live sessions.

You may schedule an online appointment under “Virtual Appointments” at our booking tab. You will receive email with your virtual link and streaming instructions once your appointment is booked. Namaste’


Complimentary Consultations

Clarity Session: Not sure which service to choose? Schedule a 20-minute clarity session and receive direction as to which service, workshop, or program best fits your needs.

Mindset and Belief Clearing Consultation: Not sure if belief work is for you? Take a 20 min test drive, experience the clarity yourself, and we can decide if this option is a good fit for clearing your blocks that keep success just out of reach.


Clear Beliefs Coaching Session

Do you struggle with challenges that, no matter how many times you attempt to resolve them, are still present? Free yourself from subconscious blocks that keep you stuck in the problem with this simple solution. Our signature session is offered as a single session, available in packages, with a Clear Beliefs Coaching Program, which is recommended for lasting transformation.

A Clear Beliefs Consultation is recommended so you may choose your best option for this deeper work.

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Individual Reiki Sessions

Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive healing modality that effectively reduces stress, tension, anxiety, and mental chatter. It harmonizes and balances the flow of energy in the body, bringing about healing and harmony to the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. 30, 60, 90 min sessions available.

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Crystal Healing Session:

This healing session will ground and balance your chakras while harmonizing your energy, through the use of crystals, tuning forks and distance energy work:  60, 90 min sessions available.

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Private Guided Meditation

Uncover, discover, release, or clarify what is keeping you from moving forward. Choose your intention, then relax as you are divinely guided through a custom meditation. Crystals, singing bowls, and other high vibrational tools may be used in conjunction with the guided meditation to support you during the meditation.

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Past Life Regression Session

You are guided into a relaxed but present state to bring about knowledge and awareness of past life experiences. This may serve you in the present as a guide to increase your understanding of this life, and to improve your current life experience for higher consciousness. We are finding clarity by exploring the past. I suggest a minimum of three sessions of exploration of a past life to get a more thorough understanding of the present.

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